Message from the CEO

"Dawn Group of Companies" is a well known reputed group of Company in the country & also abroad. More than 15 companies are included Shrimps, Manpower, Construction, Real Estate, Apparels Fashion, Garments & others manufacturer under the banner of "Dawn Group of Companies". It is also leading manpower company in Bangladesh comprising of former secretaries and joint secretaries & others senior level bureaucrats of the Government of Bangladesh who are the main Architects in setting up. This group in various sector. Over the last number of decades a growing awareness can be perceived in developed and developing countries of the benefits of utilizing manpower resources for promoting their economic advancement.

     Proudly, "Dawn Group of Companies" has earned an enviable reputation as the various sector in Bangladesh for supplying the different best quality product including Shrimps, Garments and Plastic products etc. Bangladesh is a country of 140 million population with a surplus manpower, which require so many employment. "Dawn M&S Enterprises Ltd." is working for overseas employment for higher educated, skilled & unskilled peoples. The country is ready to provide about 25000 different categories manpower for foreign employment in very short notice.

     "M&S Enterprises Ltd." is well equipped with excellent training facilities for manpower training sector, the Workers going to abroad. We give training to the workers in accordance to the demand of the foreign companies.
"M&S Enterprises." has earned the confidence through their long dedicated and unblemished service in the field of manpower export; the former secretaries in the manpower sector of the Government of Bangladesh are providing invaluable direction in this Company with a vision. That is unparalleled.
"Dawn Group of Company" established and trusted by the Government, prominent organization, Social organization and business group in the various field of its activities. It has a motto and commitment to the benefit of country and a part of its people.

The Company hope its steady growth.

Ln. S.M Ershad H. Rana
Chairman & CEO
Dawn Group of Companies.